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How To - Create Forums

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The process of creating a Forum on the Trunity platform does not use the standard content creation process used for articles and most other content types on the platform.

Instead, the creation of Forum Groups (organizational containers for related Forums) and the associated forums are created on a related page to your standard page. 


The process is as follows:

1. Identify the url at the top of your browser, it should look like sitename/

2. add the word "forums/" after the final "/" in your original site url (It should look sitename/forums) and press "Enter" 


Create Forums

3. Click the "Create Forum Group" to generate a container for a group of related forums. You will generate the screen below. Please enter a name for your new Forum Group and click the "Create" button


Result of clicking Create Forum Group button

4. The image below shows the result of clicking the "Create" button


Result of clicking  "Create" new forum group

5. Now you can create the actual forum for inclusion in the new Forum Group. Click on the "Create New Forum" button.

6. The image below shows the "Create New Forum" setup page. You will need a title for your new Forum and you may add a description, but this is optional. Note that at the bottom of this screen you are shown the taxonomy for your main page and your can choose where in that taxonomy you would like the forum to show up.


New Forum setup page

7. The image below shows the result of the Create New Forum setup page acceptance.


Location of the New Forum Title in the New Forum Group

8. The image below shows the information under the "Forums" Tab on the main page of your original site.



9. You now have created a forum  which is available from the "Forums" Tab on your original site. 

To add new threads to your Forum please reference the article How To Add A New Thread To Your Forum by clicking this link.



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