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How To - Add A Slideshow to your site or Topic Last Updated on 2013-07-23 16:14:46 A slideshow differs from a Photo Gallery in that is can only use images with a url, it can be associated only at the site or topic level, it can have an internal caption and it can have a link attached to the image directly through the creation process. As the slides are web based, the image size comes from the site where they originated and the slideshow software attempts to fit any image into the slideshow, regardless of actual size or orientation. For this reason landscape images work better that an image with a portrait orientation. To fill the space for a slideshow image area, the ideal image should be about 735x330 pixels. The steps to create a Slideshow left 1. Click on the "Options" icon at the upper of the page and select "Manage Site" 2. Click on "Graphics and Tools" and then "Slide Shows 3. Click on the "Create New Slide Show"... More »
How To - Create Forums Last Updated on 2013-07-23 16:13:56 The process of creating a Forum on the Trunity platform does not use the standard content creation process used for articles and most other content types on the platform. Instead, the creation of Forum Groups (organizational containers for related Forums) and the associated forums are created on a related page to your standard page.    The process is as follows: 1. Identify the url at the top of your browser, it should look like sitename/ 2. add the word "forums/" after the final "/" in your original site url (It should look sitename/forums) and press "Enter"    Create Forums 3. Click the "Create Forum Group" to generate a container for a group of related forums. You will generate the screen below. Please enter a name for your new Forum Group and... More »
Help! I Can't Get To My Page Last Updated on 2013-04-09 00:00:00 What do I do if I can't reach the page I want to see? First, please confirm that you are logged in to your Trunity Account by checking at the top right of the page for a Hello, "your name" If you are logged in, there are a couple of possibilities that may be causing this problem.  1. The most common cause is that your browser has not properly connected to the web page. Just try to connect to the web page again. If it still does not work correctly, please try to reach your site using a different browser. 2. If you get an error message, particularly one of the error messages below, your browsers cache may not be clearing properly and needs to be cleared. The connection was interrupted The connection was reset The connection has timed out Each browser has a different method for clearing its cache and cookies, but the using the... More »
About Trusted Content Last Updated on 2012-08-24 14:30:20 This is landing page for about Trusted Content links (To be written). More »
Action Bar User Interface Updates Last Updated on 2012-07-09 00:00:00 New Release Features We are excited to announce a major user interface upgrade for the Trunity platform.  All the functionality you’ve come to expect from the platform is still available, but can now be accessed via a more intuitive look-and-feel.   Here’s a brief overview of the changes:   New Action Bar The ‘Action Bar’ allows authors and administrators to access the site features on the platform, as well as personal account info.  Previously located at the bottom of the screen,  the Action Bar is now in a more prominent and persistent location at the top of the screen. The Action Bar features are accessed using the Site Bar on the left and Account Bar on the right.   Site Bar The Site Bar provides access to... More »