Transforming how teachers teach and students learn


Trunity is proud to team with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to offer schools worldwide HMH's award-winning digital curricula - online and offline - on the Trunity eLearning Platform



Download getting started guides for Teachers here and Program Administrators here


Personalized and Truly Interactive Learning

The Trunity eLearning Platform supports HMH's dynamic, interactive multi-media resources and tools for students of all learning styles and abilities. 

  • Easy to follow learning sequence; intuitive page-to-page, chapter-to-chapter navigation

  • Personal study aids include highlighting, notes, self-assessment, one-click vocabulary flashcards, bookmarks and customized research

  • Teachers can provide students with personalized feedback to their answers

  • Permits social messaging between students and with the teacher

  • Features personal dashboard with personal bookshelf, profile and email



Secure, Easy Access - Anywhere, Anytime, Online or Offline

Students and teachers can securely access their personal account with full access to all their content  anywhere they can get online with any Apple or PC device through any web browser.  With the Trunity Mobile app for tablets, content can be accessed online and offline; and allows users to take all or sections of content offline to ensure content is where users need it, even when access to the Internet is not available.

  • Low cost, complete digital solution with learning management functionality fully integrated with HMH interactive course content; ideal for schools that have 1:1 access or BYOD programs in place; and/or are transitioning to a digital learning environment

  • Single app to access and personalize course content, submit homework and assignments, and communicate with teachers and other students

  • Only platform where all HMH textbook and premium multimedia resources are combined, along with teacher-added resources



Robust Assessment Capabilities

The Trunity eLearning Platform empowers teachers with a broad array of assessment types, including upgraded self assessments, quizzes and exam features tied to the gradebook.

  • Provides for automatic grading for all question types except for long answer

  • Assessments' questions include multiple choice with multiple answer, true/false, short answer and long answer

  • Allows preset feedback or direction based on right or wrong answers

  • Provides ability to create custom assessments from question pools and provide personalized feedback to student answers



Teaching and Classroom Management Made Easy

Representing an all-in-one solution, the Trunity eLearning Platform allows teachers to readily and easily organize and access content, communicate with students and administer the classroom. 

  • The Trunity teacher edition mirrors the student edition, but provides additional teacher resources and authoring privileges

  • Teachers can add their own content and customize the learning sequence

  • Provides remedial and supplemental content, as well as tools for English language learners, that is easily organized within the learning sequence, helping teachers to manage a classroom comprised of students with diverse learning skills and styles

  • Enables real-time classroom administration, including delivering pop quizzes and assessments; publish class assignments and receive student digital project files; publish homework questions and manage student answers and progress; and provide individual feedback or preset feedback for each student answer

  • Gives teachers the ability to manage class roster, gradebook and class statistics

  • Content revisions from HMH and the teacher are pushed in real-time to students

  • Permits easy reuse of content and customizations from year-to-year, creating rich, personal teaching resources that can be shared 



Simplified, Secure Enterprise Administration for Teachers, Schools and Education Ministries Worldwide

Designed and architected to serve the diverse needs of schools and school systems worldwide, the Trunity eLearning Platform delivers educators a  powerful, cost-effective solution for transforming how teachers teach and students learn.

  • Provides educators with ability to locally customize students' learning experiences, permitting the addition and modification of content in real-time

  • HMH's award-winning content is readily distributed to teachers and students in a quick, cost-effective manner

  • Cloud-based and on demand, requiring zero school server infrastructure

  • Provides single, shared repository for content created by school

  • Security is assured with single, unique sign-on for each user


 Trunity. Textbooks Transformed.